Listed below is a definition to each feature associated with our web hosting packages. Any questions should be directed towards our technicians through our online helpdesk.

All packages include the unlimited email addresses, forwarding addresses, auto-responders, mailing lists, sub-domains, and mySQL databases. Each package comes with two pre-installed shopping carts, two pre-installed chat rooms, and two pre-installed message boards. Customers have the ability to manage their own Apache Handlers and create PGP/GPG keys.

WebHosting: Features 

Monthly Fee 
The monthly fee is the monthly cost of the WebHosting package. However, the account is not necessarily paid on a monthly basis. Please see Billing Cycle.

Setup Fee 
The setup fee is the one time cost of setting up the WebHosting account. All accounts have FREE setup!

Billing Cycle 
Because some of our WebHosting packages are very inexpensive, we bill them in cycles. Most all of our packages are billed on a monthly billing cycle. Some are billed annually. If you are on a monthly billing cycle you still have the option to pay on a quarterly, bi-annual, or even an annual basis.

Storage Space 
Storage space is calculated in Mb. This is the amount of space you are allotted to store your website files. E-mail accounts and MySQL databases to not take away from your account space.

Monthly Data Transfer 
Data Transfer is the data that is sent to and from your website. Your monthly data transfer is calculated in Gb. Uploading files to your website via FTP and checking your e-mail does not take away from your monthly data transfer.

Daily Data Back-ups 
Data back-ups are back-ups of all your important data which include, website, email, site configurations, and more. These daily back-ups mean your data is safe and secure even in rare event of server failure.

Control Panel 
Our comprehensive control panel allows you to add and delete e-mail accounts, sub-domains, password protected directories and much more! Please email us at, info@ClineCOM.net for additional information or to obtain screen shots.

Personal Tech Support 
All packages come with free tech support. Our technicians are available through an online helpdesk around the clock. We also have online message boards and a conference room; these can be found at, clinehelp.com. Our technicians can also be found on popular messaging software titles such as AIM, ICQ, MSN, AOL, IRC, and many more! We do provide phone support and email support. For additional information please visit clinehelp.com.

E-mail Aliases 
E-mail aliases are also known as e-mail forwarders. An e-mail alias allows you to set specific e-mail addresses @yourdomain to forward to other e-mail addresses, such as a Hotmail or AOL account.

Pop3s are e-mail accounts. A pop3 stores the e-mail on the server and you can then retrieve the mail using your favorite mail software such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, and Eudora.

FTP Accounts 
An FTP account is an account you use to login to the server to upload your files. An FTP account allows you to have full control over putting your website online!

Shell Accounts 
A shell account is an account you use to login to the server via telnet or SSH. With a shell account you can input commands and work on your website directly on the server!

A sub-domain is a third level domain. If your domain name was mycompany.com, a sub-domain could be order.mycompany.com.

Mailing Lists 
A mailing list is a good way to keep in touch with your customers. With our mailing list software, you can e-mail your clients quickly and easily.

Auto-responders are a type of e-mail account. An auto-responder responds to the sender of an e-mail when they send a message to a specific e-mail address. You can set an auto-responder to give people additional information automatically or even to let people know you are on vacation.

MS FrontPage Support 
MS FrontPage is a program which allows you to design your website. FrontPage requires the the server has special FrontPage software installed in order to use the software. Our servers support FrontPage 98 and FrontPage 2000. If Front Page extensions are not yet installed for your account please email us at, info@ClineCOM.net to have them setup (no charge).

Full CGI-Bin Access 
A cgi-bin is the place where you can store and execute cgi programs such as guestbooks and messages boards. We give our accounts full cgi-bin access. This means you are able to upload your own custom cgi scripts!

Pre-configured CGI Scripts 
Pre-configured scripts are special little programs that you can setup on your website with little or no configuration. This means you can setup a counter or a mail form with little or no knowledge of complex scripting.

Web Page Statistics 
Web page statistics give you the ability to see how many people are visiting your website. This information is vital for creating a successful website.

Access to Raw Log Files 
Raw log files are the logs of visitors to your website. With this data, you can use third party software to analyze your site usage data.

Ability to use a Domain Name 
Each WebHosting account is able to use a domain name to make your website unique. You can use Global Domains such as .com .net and .org or National Domains such as .co.uk .fr .de etc.

Permanent IP Address 
Each account is given a permanent IP address. This means you will have an IP address that can be used to access your site’s user panel and FTP ports. This is a static IP address. This is important for search engine placement and insuring everyone can properly visit your website.

Language Support 
We provide PERL, C++, TCL, PHP, and Python, which are some of the popular programming languages supported by our servers. We support each of these programming languages so you can create custom applications to enhance your website!

MySQL Database 
MySQL is a database program. With a mySQL database you can store and call data from your website. This is very useful for keeping customer records and creating dynamic websites! All packages come with unlimited amounts of mySQL databases.

WebHosting Manager (WHM) 
With the WHM you will be able to manage your customer’s domain, email, mySQL databases, and many more features. You will be able to point domains yourself, manage MX records, and much more!

WebHosting Extras – Storage Space 
If you need a more storage space but do not want to upgrade to the next package, ordering extra storage space is a great option. You can buy extra storage space in 1mb increments. We will try to work with you to setup, upgrade, or add additional components to your account. If you know how much space you need, please email us your requirements and we can see what we can come up with, info@ClineCOM.net

WebHosting Extras – Data Transfer 
If you need more data transfer but do not want to upgrade to the next package, ordering extra data transfer is a great option. You can buy extra data transfer in 1gb increments.

WebHosting Extras – Domain Pointers 
domain to domain: A domain to domain pointer points a second domain name to the domain name on your current account. When someone visits your second domain, they are taken to the index for your current domain name.
domain to directory: A domain to directory pointer points a second domain name to a directory off your current domain name. When someone visits your second domain name, they are taken directly to the specified folder of your first domain name.

Please note: Email will not function for any pointed domain name. Email will function for the original domain name that the account is setup as.

WebHosting Extras – MX Record Change
There are many new services that offer domain name owners the option to have free web based email for their domain name that they can let anyone use and sign-up for. Some even give a portion of ad profits to the domain owner. To use a service like this, you need us to change your MX record. Your MX record controls where your email is sent to.

WebHosting Extras – Reseller Setup
Designing webpages or interested in allocating some of your space to other domains or additional accounts? For a minimal monthly fee we can setup any package creating it into a reseller package. You will have WHM access to setup your own accounts on the fly and the space allocated will be your current account space.

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